Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not so well

Urgh! I seem to have a bug. Felt icky for a couple of days, but yesterday was hot/cold/sore throat, etc. Typical when I've got lots to do before my visitor arrives. Feel grotty, though not bed-ridden (shame!) No more messing around with writing hf till next week. However, my visitor, Sarah, is also in the Historical Novel Society, so when she's here we'll definitely be talking about the genre. She writes as well, and is very good, but takes any excuse she can not to write. This is very frustrating, as my stuff isn't particularly good - 'you write well' is damning with faint praise and has been passed my way a couple of times by a couple of sources; it just means my grammar is passable in comparison to other mss they've seen. If I could write anything like Sarah (she does all the 'show don't tell' stuff brilliantly), I'd be getting my head down and finishing my novel right now.

Managed to finish my HNS review, and have sent it off. Now onto the next book to read and review, which is a Roman mystery.


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