Friday, April 22, 2005

What the!

Just been checking my diary for the next couple of months, and am dismayed to see that it's unilikely I'll have any spare time to write :-( Snatching small amounts of time here and there is not my bag; I need acres of 'space'. The times when I've written most easily have been when I've known I was going to have several days free in a row. It's not worth me trying to snatch time, I'll only end up extremely frustrated. So, nuts! I think I'm gonna sulk.

That said, there are some writing things on the agenda, such as the results of my group's writing competition 25th May. I was going to use any feedback on LoTR for revising the synopis and first three pages to enter the Writers' Conference competition, but see that the bloomin' closing date for that comp is 27th May! Nuts, again!

Can't moan too much as I have two Late Roman / Arthurian books to review for the HNS which will very much keep me in contact with LoTR's subject matter. One of the books has already proved useful for planning the next phase.


At 3:55 am BST, Blogger Olga said...

I'm sorry you won't have much time to write. But hopefully Writers Conference competition and reviews will be helpful for your writing craft!


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