Sunday, May 15, 2005

Quick tag

Since I've been tagged twice, I suppose I've got to do this :-) However, since all the other bloggers I read have already been tagged, I am at a loss as to who else to tag. If my sister is reading this, she can consider herself tagged!!!

I have to choose five from this list: If I could be a scientist, a farmer, a musician, doctor, painter, gardener, missionary, chef, architect, linguist, psychologist, librarian, athelete, lawyer, innkeeper, professor, writer, backup dancer, llama-rider, bonnie pirate, midget stripper, proctologist, TV-Chat show host, actor, judge, jedi, mob boss, backup singer, CEO, or movie reviewer

So, if I could be a:

Librarian: (cheating) I already am one. I am committed to making information available to people, and will go to great lengths to find what they need.

Farmer: I would find some lovely Roman mosaics on my land, conserve them, and show them to the Public

Writer: I would write a classic novel about the 5th century, which would not centre around 'King' Arthur

Jedi: I would be master of the light sabre and have a lot of fun fighting (and defeating?) the Dark Side

Architect: I would build a lovely house of brick and tile, which would not only look good, but be great to live in


At 2:32 pm BST, Blogger Diane said...

Well tagged, there! At least it's over and done with now, and if someone else tags you, you've already done it. :o)

I hope you're all right after the prang. That must have been quite scary and no doubt took the shine of the holiday.

And thanks for the link. I'll do one to you too.

At 12:12 pm BST, Blogger Shirley said...

Just dropped in on your blog from Diane's page and you've reminded me that I've been tagged and haven't yet done it. I shall have to do it. Oh dear, and everyone I know in the world has already been tagged. :o)


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