Sunday, May 08, 2005

If lizards wore sunglasses ...

If lizards wore sunglasses, they'd look like me in my new wrap-around pair of shades, apparently - according to my dear partner! I've got wrap-around ones to shelter from pollen, as hayfever is now well and truly on the calendar. Since we're going away, and are likely to be in the country, looking at Roman villas, etc., I need some extra protection from the tree pollen, besides the anti-histamine and eye drops.

Meanwhile, we've just had hailstones again here (had some yesterday pm too). My re-enactment group are off camping in Cumbria this weekend, and I sincerely hope they're not getting this up there.

I'll have to do the tag stuff when I get back, but I don't have three acquaintances to tag. A special British sarcastic 'oh thank you, girls' to those who tagged me; you just wait till the next time ;-)


At 12:54 am BST, Blogger Olga said...

Hail sounds a bit scary. Hope you have nice weather for re-enactment. I'd take your tag, but I've been already tagged, twice!


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