Saturday, May 14, 2005


On our way back from our holiday down south yesterday we were involved in a road accident. The gas people were digging up the road at a junction in Nottingham, and we were trying to turn right down a road. Unfortuntately, we couldn't see that there was on-coming traffic from our left and pulled out. The passenger's side of the hired car took a heavy hit. Neither car involved was going anywhere of its own accord after that. I was rather shaken (it's the first RTA I've been involved in, plus my side of the car was most damaged as I was the passenger) but the others were fine fortunately.

Europcar were great and were able to supply us with another car, though I suspect the full cost of the event is yet to reveal itself. When we were picked up by the AA and being taken to East Midlands Airport to get another hired car, I was checking my mobile phone, and saw the date - Friday 13th ...


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