Thursday, May 05, 2005

Emerging from the wreckage

Spent the last couple of days catching up on sleep, trying to tidy the house, and sorting out various technical bits. The re-enactment kit, has for the most part, gone back into its allotted storage space, except for the pieces that need airing (tent, shoes) and stuff that needs washing (undertunics, wooden bowls).

The show was great, and an excellent way to start the season, as we weren't the only group there (see the 33rd Foot picture) so the crowd was spread around. We did two arena shows a day, plus the living history was open for people to wander around. My mosaic display went down well, and I found that children wanted to play with putting the tessera onto the bird pattern I'd drawn. After the kids had a go, I let them take a souvenir tessera with them.

Camping proved unexpectedly exciting on the Saturday evening, when the weather decided to thunder, lightning and rain! Apart from the noise of the thunder and rain which hindered sleeping soundly, I was not a little worried about the tent leaking or falling down, but it did neither. By the next morning, it was fine again, and the Sunday evening was exceptionally calm so that we all got a good night's sleep. Monday was warm, but we had a little light rain during our afternoon arena session.

My foot stood up very well to all the running around. I think it was to do with the soft grass surfaces. I get more trouble when walking on hard pavements and tarmac.

So it all went rather well, and it was great seeing the group in kit again, and finding out what new things they're trying this season. Me and the dear partner will now be missing the next three shows (for various reason), and won't be re-enacting again mid-June :-(

Hope you like the photos!


At 2:26 am BST, Blogger Olga said...

Sounds like a great show! And sorry on the rain.


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