Friday, November 18, 2005

Sword of Honour

Finally! I will get to see part two of Sword of Honour which was on tv in 2001. For some reason (probably video recording failure) I didn't get to see part two and have been frustrated ever since. I really rather got in to it, and wanted to know what happened next. Yes, the fatal words. Once that happens, I'm lost (and the tv series Lost is indeed another example of that) and want to see it out. Well, yes, I could have resorted to Evelyn Waugh's World War II trilogy of books, but I'd rather stick to an adaptation, see it out to the end, and then proceed to the book if so moved.

The local library has come up trumps, and I've now got the video out. Sometime this weekend I will sit down and watch both episodes. Although I know I wanted to see it to the end, I've largely forgotten the ins-and-outs of the first episode! So it's back to the beginning for me :-)

Just as a bit of trivia, the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, plays the lead in Sword. I had my beady eye on him before Sword of Honour, never mind James Bond ... His performance in The Trench is very moving (all I will say is jam, and I'm sure anyone who has seen the film will know what I mean), and he was eyecatching in Our Friends Up North. In the latter, he shared the screen with another up and coming star, a certain Christopher Eccleston (another one I was keeping an eye on, especially as he comes from the same place as my partner; oh, that accent ...). Eccleston had an all too brief tenure as Dr Who this year :-( One of the funniest lines in the series was his side kick Rose saying he sounded northern. His blithe reply was that every planet has a north! Indeed, Mr Eccleston!


At 4:26 am GMT, Blogger Olga said...

Glad you got the second part. Sometimes it happens to me, too, that when I like the show and miss the finale, it leaves me wondering and wanting to know how it all ended.


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