Sunday, February 05, 2006

Only two more!

Only two lectures to go. Yaroo! The series has been with me since mid-December and I'm gasping for the finish. I've decided I won't be lecturing next year. Since I'm not a natural at it, I have to invest way too much effort to get anywhere near something acceptable. It's easily outstripping any financial gains. And I've got to give out the course evaluation forms at the next lecture, so my students can give their verdict. Fab. Perhaps I'll try lecturing again in a couple of years (when I've forgotten how difficult this time round has been!)

After that, it's completing a report I had to drop for the lectures. It'll take me a while to pick it all up again. And after that? Lots of tidying up, and preparation for the non-fiction tome. Hopefully, I'll be working in a relatively comfortable zone. There's got to be one out there somewhere :-)


At 1:22 pm GMT, Blogger Diane said...

Teaching/lecturing does sap your creative energy, and it's twice as bad when you're not comfortable with it. At least there's light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck with the non-fiction and finding your comfort zone - there will be one out there somewhere.

At 3:42 pm GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Thank you Diane. You're right about it sapping creative energy. Anyway, this experience certainly makes me appreciate full-time teachers and lecturers even more than I did before.


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