Monday, February 06, 2006

Getting involved in archaeology

Anne asked about getting involved in archaeology. I think I'd better give a disclaimer at this point: archaeology is not to be recommended as a career. However archaeology is a pefectly good hobby :-)

A great place to find archaeology summer schools is the American Institute of Archaeology's fieldwork webpage. Here you can search for a summer school anywhere in the world. I know that several British digs have entries for example, and there's lot of other European and American ones too. Also, many places (towns, cities, counties, states, erc.) have either their own archaeology society or historical assocation, and people can go to talks at the weekends and evenings, visit monuments, do fieldwork, research, the lot. In the UK these local societies are normally crying out for more members, so it's always worth exploring what's going on locally too. In the absence of any local societies, museums nearly always need help with their collections, and it's also worth checking them out.

Have fun!


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