Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sliver cup

Hurrah! I've finally got hold of the winner's cup for the writers' group novel competition. It sure is pretty, and I'll take a pic of it soon :-) Last night's meeting was an internal competition. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do an entry, though I had an idea for a story. But it would have needed a lot of work to tease out themes and make it work. And it wasn't an historical story either, unless a memory from the 1960s is counted as history - which it probably is! It was partly set then, and then more recently. The title was/is 'In the blood' and I may yet get it written, as I'm rather taken with the idea. The competition entries varied widely, being a mixture of short stories and poems. There's one chap who writes intricate, jewel-like prose, and surely he's going to get published?

On the downside, there's no chance of doing anything remotely creative for the next couple of works. I didn't manage to write/make notes for the last two lectures, so I've got to do them from scratch. Technically, I guess writing lectures is a teensy bit creative - I have to know the subject well, work how to present, etc. But it's not really using my imagination per se. Unless my approach is wrong. Too many years of archaeology, though dulls the story-telling capabilities. When you can't make a statement without backing it up with evidence, it's hard going to say the least!

The foot is doing well. There seems to be a steady progress. The mushiness is abating, and I can see the tendons and veins in my foot now! Two weeks to go yet, to see how far the cortisol is going to take it. I haven't been so comfortable with my foot in over a year :-)


At 6:47 pm GMT, Blogger wil said...

Congrats on finally getting that cup! And I hope your foot continues to mend.


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