Friday, March 17, 2006

Feeling better

Feel better than I did yesterday, thank goodness. My brains don't feel like quite the sluggish soup that they were, which is making it easier to finish my notes for the talk tomorrow. Someone's offered us a lift, which is great, especially if I'm still a bit off physically. This is the last of my booked lectures, which is a relief. I've gabbed way too much in the past few months, and now it's time to do something comfortable with computers and papers.

Still not particularly taken with the job interview next week. Though I obviously put in a good application (at the last moment I realised what I could say in the covering letter), I don't think I'm wonderfully well qualified. That is not a good attitude to go into a job interview with. Also, explaining why I left my last job can only be a worry for the potential employers, and I think these people will ask. Yes, people get sick, but it will take a lot more from me to convince them I'm the one to do the job because of that.

I've only tended to be successful at getting jobs when I have really not been concerned about getting it. Any other frame of mind whatsoever, does not work for me - whether it be worries about not being qualified, right through to actually being confident. Lack of concern probably passes for confidence in some eyes, and I'm just not 'there' with it at the moment. Still, there's a few days to go yet, and I might pull myself round :-)


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