Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Got to do my tax return soon. It's already making me nervous. A couple of years ago I was sent a warning letter that I wasn't making enough profit. After that, I entered into an interesting correspondence with the Tax Office regarding the nature of my pitiful earnings. They were unrepentent, even when I pointed out that my earnings were low due to being rather ill. I wasn't happy with their attitude toward me before that. They made an extraordinary fuss about this here low earner, taking off huge amounts every time I had a new contract, which was frequently. Presumably just in case I might go into the high tax bracket (yeah, right). I guess they can't believe my lack of dosh, so perhaps I should take it as a compliment - they obviously think I'm capable of earning a packet. But I get freaked out big-time now.

If they don't launch and investigation into my financial affairs sometime in the next decade, and charge me for the privilege, I shall be really surprised. But they will probably find that they actually owe me, particularly when I was changing jobs frequently. I am pretty sure that I didn't get all that emergency tax refunded, fro example. And as for the self-employment ... Pitiful and laughable - and that goes for the Tax Office too.


At 8:34 pm BST, Blogger wil said...

Are you serious?!? This sounds crazy. Did they think you were defrauding them or just that you weren't earning your potential? If it was the latter, did they give you a pep-talk or offer suggestions or some such?

At 9:44 am BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Oh, defrauding :-) It was part of a drive apparently. They were warning people with low earnings that they were claiming too much in expenses. When I rang up the Tax Office in disbelief, the person on the other end of the phone confessed that he'd fielded a string of complaints; most of us were were earning a small amount of money from lecturing or writing academic articles. And most of the earned money was going toward books/travelling expenses as we pursued our studies and wrote more articles and books. According to the Tax Office it is impossible that people don't look to make a profit and only seek to draw even. btw, at the time I did also have a part time job. But the self-employment is counted separately (except when they set a tax allowance for the next year ...)

So much for being honest, and telling the tax office about every penny I earn.

At 1:06 am GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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