Monday, June 05, 2006

Library Management speak

For a part time library assistant job in a university, does it really require the the Chief Librarian and Deputy, plus the relevant senior library assistant to be on the interview panel? Either the Chief or the Deputy, but not both, surely. Anyway, I got all three, and it's overkill, guys. Still, I guess doing the interviews filled their managerial day. And it became apparent that I do not speak their dialect of library. I simply do not fit; don't know what they're on about.

I've generally found libraries great to work in. The team ethos is very much stronger than the heavily individualistic archaeological teams who'd be hard pressed to organise a p**s-up in the proverbial. Working on site, I often had the impression that I was the only one who had any idea we were working in a team, which was very frustrating. However, sometimes the library managers over-do it, and in this case they have. 'Exclusive' is the word that comes to mind. Got the message now, will not apply to that university library again.

Still, the shoes got another outing, though I'm beginning to think that though these shoes fit me very well, they may be unlucky ...


At 12:54 pm BST, Blogger Martyn said...

I have had that feeling myself on several occassions at interviews of just knowing that no matter how hard I try I could never fit in. You just get a feel for it. It may be a blessing in disguise missing this one, but I'm sure something will come along that's good before too long.

At 1:29 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

It certainly was a strong blast of exclusivity, to the point I am 95% certain I haven't got the job. But as you say, it may be a gift to miss the job in the first place. If you don't fit into the culture of a workplace it can be very difficult. It made me want to return to my old job at a government dept; I only left it due to continuing illness (they were so sweet and supportive about it all, I just couldn't keep ringing up to say I'd be off yet again)

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