Sunday, December 31, 2006

Getting in the mood, sort of

I'm getting the chance to listen to some of my favourite music at present. Currently on is The Essential Philip Glass. I only like certain tracks on this one, but the tracks I favour I really, really like. Coming up is his Hymn to the Sun and Window of Appearances, both from the opera Akhnaten. These pieces are certifiably bonkers (particularly Window) and I suspect either you get totally caught up in them, or they leave you cold. I also like sane pieces, honest - one of my favourite composers is the cool, calm and collected Arvo Part. Er, yes, I know he's intense, but cripes is he beautifully controlled.

I may go onto listen to some music by Thomas Newman. Road to Perdition is very fine, though Oscar & Lucinda is my real favourite being as it was my official soundtrack to my 6th century book. Some samples of the music can be found at It's almost too difficult to listen to now, as it reminds me of the good time I had doing the first draft. Or perhaps I'll go onto the Gladiator soundtrack; the film was released bang in the middle of me writing my first draft, so that evokes good memories too. Subsequently, I've marched out into the arena at a couple of re-enactments to the sound as well, and got trampled over by a bunch of 1st century legionaries (thank you kindly, sir!)


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