Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Give us a kiss, darlin'

Write Here Write Now covers the nitty-gritty in Newletter 11. Jane Wenham-Jones gives this sage advice:

Write what comes naturally to YOU. You must believe totally in the story you’re telling. If it doesn’t arouse you, why should it move your readers? Remember that your characters should be turned on in their heads as well as their nether regions – that’s where the sexual tension comes from.

Hurrah, no squelchy sex-scenes (see the rest of Jane's piece) required :-) My characters can go 'off screen' to do er, whatever they're going to do ...


At 10:06 am GMT, Blogger Diane said...

Actually, I think I prefer my characters to go off scene too. You mean they can? Hurrah.

At 12:09 pm GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

It's best left to the reader's imagination, I think :-)

At 6:50 pm GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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