Thursday, March 31, 2005

This place is filthy

Just having a quick break in between cleaning in honour of my visitor. It's dismaying how messy this place is, but then it gets easily ignored as I'm too busy doing other things (like playing on the computer!)

Last night I had a quick squizz at my synopsis and first 5000 words for the writing group competition, to see how it was brewing. I'm still moderately pleased with it, so that can't be right! Must be something really wrong with it :-) There were a few things I wanted to tweak, and realised that the lead said something that gave vital information away (to a potential enemy) so that's got to be fixed, but it's all minor.

By the end of the 5000 words I think I've manged to introduce the lead, some of the main characters, and the background. It ends with the lead getting a big, potentially life-threatening, dilemma. Will he rise to the challenge?! (of course he will) My only worry is that I may, as usual, have done it all too fast. I write worringly 'short.' The best that can be said is that I'm 'pacy' but is this appropriate for historical fiction? Thrillers, perhaps, but I'm not a thriller-type person; I rarely read them and don't enjoy them.

I finished sticking the tesserae down yesterday. Now the mosaic needs to dry out thoroughly before I grout it. I've had my nose up against it for a couple of days, so looking at it from a distance now is definitely a novelty. It actually looks quite good. I've learnt a lot about cutting the tesserae, and also about how to define the pattern, but when I do my own pattern, I'm sure there'll be another learning curve.

Anyway, thank goodness for visitors, otherwise this house would get cleaned even less ...


At 2:10 pm BST, Blogger Tess said...


Good luck in the writing comp!

LOL re the cleaning *g* - visitors certainly are inspiring that way :-)

At 2:26 pm BST, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Yes, having visitors is indeed a great way to get the place clean. :)


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