Saturday, April 23, 2005

Don't panic

With a week to go to my first re-eanctment show of the season, I am making sure our kit is is good order. This entails linseed oiling down any wood work (tent poles/spear hafts), giving the leatherwork a good coat of leather feed (shoes, belts), cleaning metalwork (weapons, domestic knives, brooches, etc) Should have done it at the end of last season (September) as well as now, but too much was going on at that time. Will also be checking clothing, to make sure it's in a state of good repair! Then over this week, the equipment will graduate downstairs into the front room, ready to be loaded on the van next Saturday. Just hoping the weather will be good over the bank holiday weekend ...

Meanwhile, I'll keep reading my review books (got another one yesterday, but it's fiction set after the 1st world war) and look to when I can get back to scribbling. After some discussion with the dear partner, we've decided not to go to one of our re-enactment group's shows. He needs to visit his parents anyway, but I'll be staying here, so I might get some writing time after all! That'll be at the end of May, but I don't know if I'll have had time to to the requisite reading/planning for the next phase of LoTR to actually start writing. Even if I haven't, I can still make more progress than I thought I would. Hurrah!


At 10:31 pm BST, Blogger Olga said...

The re-enacment show sounds interesting and like a lot of work! Have a great week-end!


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