Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Neglecting the blog

I've just waved my friend off at the station after a whirlwind tour of museums since last Friday. We've a lovely time visiting the Yorkshire Museum, the Royal Armouries in Leeds, and the Hull and East Riding Museum. I think both of us are now officially knackered :-) Anyway, I've now got loads of digital photos of Roman mosaics, which I'll download from the camera soon.

Because our mutual interests include historical fiction, there's been lots of writing chat. My friend's writing is not going too well at the moment, and she keeps getting snagged into writing for 'the market' Being in the HNS, it means she's privy to a lot of information about the publishing industry, and it's easy to get into thinking that you should be writing what the publishers and agents want, even when there's no guarantee that they'll take your book if you do! It's a bind, and I think the only thing writers can do is write what they want, otherwise they are prey to all sorts of problems, including 'Writer's Block' which is otherwise known as 'succumbing to pressure and risking a lack of confidence in one's abilities.'

Since I've also neglected to get the washing done, I think I'd better stop being opinionated and get on with some practical stuff!


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