Saturday, April 09, 2005

Taking photos of Roman mosaics

See below for one of the photos I took on my recent trip to Hull & East Riding Museum. This is a small section from Rudston Roman villa charioteer mosaic, which is probably 4th century in date, so if I wanted, I could recreate this pattern. I can't do the whole of any floor as they're way too large - that counts for taking a photo, or trying to do a mosaic! So this bird might be a manageable size.

Oh, and I keep forgetting - I've got to grout my stag soon! Next week my partner is off work, and he's promised to do a bit of woodwork to mount the mosaic hardie (a sort of chisel) in a block of tree trunk that he found on his site (he's an archaeologist too, but the tree trunk is relatively recent, since the site huts were near a rubbish dump ...) Then I'll be in business for making my own tesserae.


At 1:41 am BST, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Can't help wondering if this was the very first partridge in a pear tree...


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