Friday, April 08, 2005

Lovely Roman

I revised my competition entry yesterday, and still like what I've written, which I'm pretty sure will mean that it'll all end in tears! I like what I've written because I love the subject matter. This bodes well for me regarding completing a full manuscript, but do I want to embark on another tiro piece, when the subject matter is the one I really want to write?

The 6th century story was always a learning piece and ultimately expendable, though I still love the characters and it was with great regret that I put it aside. The 5th century story is much closer to my heart and I don't want to cock it up. Apart from writing the synopsis and 5000 words without turning a hair, it has also had a title for many years, so it seems very real to me. Most published authors seem to have at least four unpublished tomes in their bottom drawer, so theoretically, I need to do at least three more 'loss-leaders' first before going onto this one. I need to think a while.


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