Sunday, April 10, 2005

A load of bull!

This mosaic (see below) is in the Yorkshire Museum. I've no idea what date it is, but suspect it's earlier than the 'partridge in a pear tree' However, the Sea Bull is lovely, and is another candidate for my mosaic 'skills' There's a good use of different coloured tesserae to make the shades on his body. The work here is rather more subtle and 3-dimensional than the Rudston bird.

Gotta grout today! I'm not sure what mosaic my stag is based on as I was sent the wrong notes with my mosaic kit. Unfortunately, my mosaic library is not yet inexhaustable and attempts to match up the design have failed. The book on Romano British mosaics in the north costs £160, so I won't be getting that any time soon. However, I note that the University of York has a copy. Since I'll be teaching a Univ Continuing Education Course in the Winter, I'm hoping to get a library card so may be able to take it home to digest at leisure.

Got a reply from my writing group in answer to my query about the novel writing competition. It seems that it's likely there will be feedback given on all the pieces submitted (not just the winners), so perhaps it's worth me entering.


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