Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Catching up

Just catching up on various pieces of correspondence at the moment and generally tidying up after the holiday, so things are rather humdrum. Tomorrow, I've got to start preparing for a workshop talk I'm giving at the weekend. Slides to the fore!

Got loads of books to review for the Historical Novel Society. It's now numbering four to do by the end of June, so it's all getting a bit silly. Have got to fit in going to see Kingdom of Heaven at some point soon, before it goes from the local cinema. Since it's Ridley Scott, it's simply got to be seen on the big screen. Managed to miss Stone's Alexander, though people seem to think I haven't missed much. There's always DVD (though that's not out yet, either) but these historical epics need a big canvas to fit on all those expansive battle scenes!


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