Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Shoe saga & hello sister

Hmm ... The re-enactment shoemaker more or less admitted that he's cocked it up. He's done a temporary upper; I think he was hoping I'd accept it, but the leather's a suede - not around in Roman times - and very dark, so won't do in the long run. That will cover for this weekend (just about) then he's taking them back (yes, he b****y well will) and will (hopefully) do them properly. He's done two pairs of shoes for the Dear Partner and they've been fine. Yet the two he's done for me in the past - one was too tight and I had to let the seams out, and the other pair were OK, but still a bit on the tight side, so I could only get a certain thickness of socks in them. Do you get the pattern here? I think that for some reason, he can't do women's shoes. How odd! Since this present pair of shoes were to be exactly the same as the DP's (only a bit smaller) I thought there'd be no problem. But patently there is.

Any writing done? No way, pal. Not this week; I'm too busy sorting the normal day-to-day business with the re-enactment stuff on top. A little bit of Late Roman reading but that's it on the stuff that actively contributes to writing.

btw, a grand 'hello' to my sister, who will hopefully drop in on this blog from time to time. Polite comments only please, sis :-)


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