Sunday, April 24, 2005

Heat & Shoes

Went to get my new pair of re-enactment shoes today (after being told to pick them up by the maker) to find he hadn't finished them. In addition, when I tried one out, it was clear they were going to be too small! This isn't going well at all, but at least I had a chance to have a fitting. I deliberately had these made because they have a good platform for me to walk on - I currently have a problem with my right foot, and this style of authentic Late Roman boots have a nice thick sole to walk on, which will help support it. I hope they're ready and fit properly by Tuesday, when I'm going back again. If they don't fit, or are too tight and squash my foot up, I won't have them. My old shoes, apart from having less of a stout sole, are rather worn, to say the least ...

Meanwhile, the weather up here is lovely. Everyone's already stripping off as if it's the middle of Summer. It won't last, as rain is due again soon. Only to clear up again for next weekend, I hope ...


At 3:44 pm BST, Blogger Tess said...

Alex - that's so cool, getting re-enactment shoes made. One day I'd love to have a pair of medieval ones done for myself. Hope yours turn out well :-)

And thanks for the sympathy re my allergies. They're better today, thanks to the rain.


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