Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do the right thing

I've got a working title for the short story (see above) It sums up what's going on for the main character in the story. I think I've got an actual title as well, but will see if the story reflects that fully. Much mulling of thoughts last night. May be this idea will work out. It's just that there's no way I can get to work on it till after this weekend, as we're off on a re-enactment event. Rats! And unfortunately, the next weekend's the same. I'm not sure I can stop/go with the story to that extent. July, however, is relatively clear, except for the history article I've got to write. But I could write the history article during the day, and do the story at night - though it might not work out that way :-)

My main quandary last night was: how long can this sucker be? So I'm taking as my guide, the Historical Novel Society's criteria for fiction for its magazine, which is between 3-7000 words. If I really get my skates on, I could even enter it for the HNS Short Histories Prize, (anthology, as well as prize money). In which case, it should be no longer than 6000 words. Closing date is the end of August, but it's a bit expensive to enter.

Thank you to the wonderful Olga for words of encouragement. Hope you're feeling much better soon, Olga, and take care.


At 8:52 pm BST, Blogger Olga said...

Alex, you're so sweet, and you're truly welcome! Best of luck on your story, and if you decide to enter the contests, I wish you to win!
And thank YOU for your kind words!


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