Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Anglian bling

In preparation for the group's show at Bede's World, I've been getting the Anglian kit together for the first time this year. There have been other Anglian shows this year, but it's the first one we've been able to get tor. Unlike my Roman impression (the female version of which is pretty spare - plain peplos, two penannular brooches, belt and a chi rho pendant) the Anglian has lots of, well, bling! My Anglian items include, as well as a lovely green woollen peplos with tablet weaving braid: necklace, cruciform brooches, strings of beads, girdle-hangers, walnut in a little frame, latch-lifters, wrist clasps, and my new item for this year, a thread box. I'm afraid I love all this kit. We tend to do a Fashion Show, so I've piled it on rather!


At 11:35 am BST, Blogger Stephen said...

According to the Bede's World site your event is down as: Living History on the farm from Commitatus.

Commitatus, hmm. Presumably this will be the recreation of an ideologically sound collective farm run on Ælleist-Edwinist principles, with all Angles being equal.

At 4:35 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Well, I know I'm an equal Angle! In occupying a Bernician site, it's a chance for Deira to get its own back (again), so we're definitely Edwinist in outlook. Our dateline is 620s. I got worried as Bede is a bit later, but I will be able to wear my bling since we're doing early 7th c.

I do wish people could spell Comitatus properly ...


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