Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The sun's out, and so's nearly all the stuff that needs drying after the weekend. It's draped all over the garden. I had it all out by 9am, so hopefully it'll be more or less dry by the end of the day ...? And then there's the pile of washing that needs to be done. Three sets of kit. If it's linen, it'll get washed. If it's wool, it gets thoroughly aired. Most of it's linen. The naalbinding socks held up well. They did get wet (even though we've now got some very solid shoes) but they didn't self-destruct; thought my stitches may not be tight enough, particularly in the early pair.

The next show is Bede's World in early September, and some of the kit will be different, as we're doing Angles. The Roman over tunics will be sorted out this week, and will then go into storage. As will the Roman pottery :-( Some of the stuff can be used for Anglian - the trousers, socks, and cloaks, my tube dresses, some of the wooden bowls. But I'll be breaking out the Anglian brooches and other metalware for the first time this season!

Whilst pathering about the garden, I met our resident frog! The Dear Partner first saw it a few weeks back, and I wasn't sure I believed him. We don't have a pond, but on the other hand, it's pretty damp out there. Anyway, I have seen the olive green beastie, and he was bigger than I thought he'd be! I wonder what type he is? Frog's Legs for dinner then ;-)


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