Friday, August 26, 2005

A good slap

Wenlock reckons that some Heyer heroines (or Heyeroines as he phrases it) really need a good slap. He then emphasizes that he is not implying any real physical violence. Unfortunately, disclaimers need to be done these days, just in case turns of phrase are taken seriously. World gone bonkers* - from one extreme to the other; somewhere in between would be nice, but until then, a very careful path must be taken.

I think words can be used as violence, and know of someone who can deliver a really good verbal slap. A few choice words from her and you're jumping to attention (or preferably running away). We should send her in to sort out these Heyeroines ... Rather them than me ;-) But it's a great lesson (one I'd rather not have had) on the sheer impact that words can have.

Anyhoo, I look forward to Wenlock's analysis of the Heyeroines, and I may even be able to bring myself to read one of Heyer's books ... Yes well, I know, but how many Heyer readers have read the must-read books associated with the Dark Age era?! (nb Wenlock excepted)

* Yes, I do mean bonkers (no violence implied) and I'm sure that statement in itself gives a clue to my age


At 6:37 am BST, Blogger Anne said...

Hi Alex.

I muist admit Heye isn't my first choice of author to read, but I have read one of her books called, The Grand Sophy. It was okay actually. She has a unique author's voice. It is worth trying out new authors. :o)
I just borrowed from the library my first Jennifer Cruise book - an author lots of people talk about.

Take care, Anne.

At 11:17 am BST, Blogger Stephen said...

The Grand Sophy is fun, and fairly representative of Heyer's style. Personally I would recommend The Talisman Ring or maybe Cotillion as good starting points.

This is not to say that Sophia Stanton-Lacy, Sally Thane and Kitty Charing won't appear on Wenlock at some point.


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