Thursday, August 25, 2005

The writing thing

Slowly, very slowly, I think I'm working my way to doing a bit of writing. To this end, I check out some of the writing websites. One place I often visit is rec.arts.sf.composition, as there's plenty of interesting writing discussion on there. sf means specualtive fiction, which seems to encompass science fiction, fantasy, alternative histories (which is why I visit) and anything along that continuum. Nicola Browne, who writes children's fantasy novels, often chips in there, and today I found that she has some notes on how she writes on her website. In comparison to others (colour-coded charts, index cards and all), she seems relatively chaotic, which of course I have a natural interest in. And, as I well know now, but didn't when I started a few years back, she says there is no right way to write. Amen to that, though I sort of wish there was a formula. But no, as usual, I have to find my own way, and I'm no stranger to that.

Hey, I watched Lost the other night, and I genuinely didn't see the surprise at the end coming. Either I was having an off-night, or it was a rather well constucted episode. I normally work out the 'surprise' endings before, erm, the ending, and cry in disappointment: 'I coulda written that!' I knew what was going on with the Bruce Willis character in the Sixth Sense pretty early on for example. I think since I've started writing, I tend to deconstuct things more and really appreciate good writing, but the upshot is, I can over analyse and then not enjoy the programme or book in its own right. Lost is very good with tantalising clues and I wonder what they're going to do with them all.


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