Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's in the stars

My horrorscope (sic) for this coming week, from The Observer:


The frantic pace at which you are currently obliged to work (and if you aren't busy, you're missing an opportunity) is unlikely to slacken in the near future, so maximise the credit you receive and showboat a little. Also in the frame in the next three weeks are smart, interesting people whose talents complement and enhance your own. Meet and greet. Fiscal reminder: collect what you are owed.

In general, I actually agree - in part. The pace (lecturing, followed by returning to an archaeology report which needs to be finished by the end of March, with another lecture thrown in) is a bit fast for me at present. Doubt if I'll get much credit; why would things change? Blimey, archaeology's involved and no-one thanks you for doing that - quite the opposite in fact.

What is showboating?

Meeting smart, interesting people, eh? That's unlikely to be any fellow archaeologists, then ;-) Talking of which, Time Team is back on tv. It was a rather muted affair, but then it was a medieval site ...

As for collecting funds; no problem. I've already been paid for my first two lectures. I lurv the University!


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