Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Burning fuel

We've got a gas bottle with what we think is a small amount of fuel left. Since we use the gas for the camping stove, and we don't want to run out whilst actually camping (I have to have a cup of tea, or I will expire, or combust in a bad temper). So it's in the kitchen and we're boiling kettles on it. Here's hoping we don't burn the house down ... We have fire extinguishers at the ready :-) May Bank Holiday weekend we're off to jolly Lincoln, travelling on the Friday. So we're starting our preparations now. As Stores Manager, I will be going into overdrive next week, checking out that everything is in good order. Food is always difficult since I can eat meat and the dp won't, plus I now have dietary restrictions courtesy of the pulmonary embolism medication fall-out. Aargh! I've just got to get into the swing of things again, is all. On the bright side, I will get to use my bow for the first time.

Yesterday's blog was predictable. I always need to decide I haven't got the job, as thinking that I might have it is too frightening by half. But I genuinely don't think I've got it, as it wasn't a good interview; I didn't get the vibe.


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