Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just found out that the BBC are showing Hannibal at the weekend. Typcially, I didn't find out till I got the Radio Times today. I knew there were a couple of Hannibals in the pipeline (including one starring Vin Diesel - zounds) but didn't know about this one, starring Alexander Siddig. Doh! Tony Keen mentions Siddig being interviewed on BBC 1. He also mentions some very interesting history programmes on BBC Freeview. I really must get one of them Freeview boxes.

But never mind all that, I just want to see the elephants :-) So would Wenlock, I suspect ... And the Cybermen are returning to Dr Who as well. Too, too much excitement for me to handle, Monica (brownie points to those who know about Monica)


At 8:49 am BST, Blogger Stephen said...

The elephant in the picture looks like an Indian one. I can't remember for sure, but didn't Hannibal use African elephants? Less biddable, but more shock 'n' awe on the field of play.

I'm still gutted about not being able to see the Sultan's Elephant in London last weekend.

At 10:28 am BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Pass! I've no idea about what sort of elephants they used; if it's Rome/Carthage BC, I don't know nothin'. Yes, I'd loved to have seen that London elephant; it looked awesome.

At 3:23 pm BST, Blogger Tony Keen said...

The African bush elephant is pretty difficult to tame, and has very rarely, if ever, been used in war. What Hannibal used was the now-extinct North African forest elephant, which was similar to the Indian elephant, but slightly smaller.

And yes, it was.

At 11:36 am BST, Blogger Tony Keen said...

Perhaps Hannibal should team up with the Cybermen? That'd show those Romans something! ;-)

There's an article with a link to Siddiq's interview here, in case you're interested.

The Vin Diesel Hannibal has a script by David Franzoni, of Gladiator and King Arthur 'fame'. That's not necessarily as bad as it sounds. Franzoni was sacked off Gladiator as writer, and, according to Nick Lowe, most of the gross historical nonsense entered the script after Franzoni departed. On King Arthur he's the only person credited, but I am rather beginning to think that what got on scree isn't what he wrote, but a later rewrite, uncredited because of Franzoni's role as Executive Producer. However, all current indications are that this movie will never actually get made ...


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