Friday, May 05, 2006

Missing Boudica

Er, no, I haven't gone into mourning because the last of Manda Scott's Boudica books have been published; far from it. But I rather wanted to read J. Roesch's Boudica book. A friend has just got hold of it via her local library, plus Carla has reviewed it on her blog. So I checked out York's online catalogue to see if they had a copy. Nope. Well, not yet.

But in the same Boudica search, I came across Boudica by Vanessa Collingridge, which is not fiction. I'm glad they've got it, as though I wouldn't buy it, I'd certainly like to read it. And there was also another Boudica fiction title: Boudica and the Lost Roman by Mike Ripley. Unfortunately, both copies of the book are out at present, but I shall pursue the matter.


At 3:19 pm BST, Blogger Mike Ripley said...

Sorry you're misssing "Boudica and the Lost Roman" butdelighted that it on loan from York library. I think my Boudica is different to the "New Age" variations in Manda's books (and Prof.Roesch's) - for me, she's a sort of Iron Age Delia Smith with 50,000 rather angry Norwich City fans behind her.
I got the idea whilst on a dig in Colchester.

At 11:32 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Thankk you for visiting. Well both copies are still out at York library, so I'll have to wait :-)


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