Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dancing to the tune

My interview shoes will be worn again June 5th, as I have an interview for a library job. Unfortunately, I don't think this job will suit, as it's for 5 afternoons a week. Not good since I need to work on freelance things, and the train of thought gets interrupted. Not to mention the possibility of needing to visit clients, and last year I spent three days a week recording material for several weeks. If I'm going to have an non-freelance job, I need whole days or blocks. With half days, you're constantly thinking 'is it time for me to get ready to go into town?'

I really only applied to see if they would interview me again. Some years ago I applied for a post at this particular library, which is part of the university where I was working in another post. So I was an internal candidate. I didn't get the job, but they failed to notify me - for weeks. Trouble is, being an internal candidate, I was able to find out from another source that someone else, also an internal candidate had got it. I told the Chief Librarian off for being thoughtless. What was the problem with sending me a quick email? As I said, Awkward Squad membership fully paid up ...

So, it will be a virtual replay of that interview from over 5 years ago, with the same two interviewers, plus the person who got the job I originally went for. Could be interesting. Perhaps they won't remember :-)


At 9:00 pm BST, Blogger Diane said...

Good luck with that. And you might be able to negotiate hours if you got it. I'm with you all the way, though. I get much more done when I can have whole days working on my own stuff, but I have the flexibility to swap if someone can only do an interview on the afternoon I'd normally be in.

At 8:08 am BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Unfortunately, libraries are 'service points' and the main task would be to staff the issue/enquiry desk. So flexibility is not negotiable. I'm looking at the interview as a bit of practice, which I could do with :-)

At 11:36 am BST, Blogger Carla said...

Good luck. As you say, the interview practice is bound to be useful, and if you get the job and it's not what you want you can always carry on looking for something else.


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