Thursday, June 01, 2006

Magpies ate my laundry

Not quite ;-) But the partner was out in the garden doing tent pole repairs yesterday. He noticed that there were a pair of magpies sitting in next door's garden. These birds seemed to be beady-eyeing the airer I'd put outside. It had my, erm, underwear on it. The dear partner was rather convinced that the magpies were interested in nicking my knickers to line their nest. Noisy, nosy beggars.

Meanwhile in answer to Carla's query, my 30 pound bow was easily reaching the targets, which were at 50 metres or so. In fact, I was over (and under) shooting quite a bit. I've only just started, so my hit rate was only around 30-40%. btw, there was some restriction on the size of the arena, and it had to be safely double fenced. At the next event, the targets will be at 80 metres, which should be a challenge for me; will report back on how the bow does. Some guys in my group have recurve bows (attested in Britannia from finds at Caerleon, Chesters, Corbridge, York, etc.) and someone has an 80 pound long bow which takes two people to string.


At 5:19 pm BST, Blogger Diane said...

Magpies, dontcha just love 'em? I really miss the ones we used to have back in Brum. They stick to the farmland around here.

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