Wednesday, July 05, 2006

History Matters - pass it on

OK, enough of the Azzurri. Though I can't guarantee they won't resurface on Saturday ... Back to the matter in hand.

The History Matters - pass it on campaign has just been launched. It aims to raise awareness of things historical. Tristram Hunt, writing in The Guardian says a recent poll claimed that 73% of the population claimed to have an interest in history. However, the government increased its funding for sport by 91% in the past five years, whilst museums, libraries and archives only got 26%. Ouch. No wonder I can't find an appropriate job ;-)

The trouble is that history can be seen as politically incorrect (eh?), and therefore not inclusive. So it's currently at the point where people are grappling with some very unsavoury history (slavery, imperialism, colonialism etc.), trying to work out its effects on modern Britain. I think you need to understand where you've been (personally and more broadly speaking) to know how to proceed.

I hope the campaign is successful, though it sort of crept up on me, for starters. On the website, there's a lot more information, including an events calendar.


At 7:31 pm BST, Blogger cleopatra said...

Would you be interested in joining a forum - mainly history and current affairs?

At 8:17 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Thank you very much, I shall take a look

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