Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Freecyle and computer gadgets

I had a couple of items I wanted to get rid of, but thought I wouldn't be able to sell, and didn't just want to chuck away, so I tried York Freecycle. Within minutes of my message going up, I was inundated by takers. And the items should be picked up this evening. Now I'll have to sort out a pile of redundant computer gear, including my very first modem. People advertise such stuff, and others take it. Presumably they can cannabalise the parts and make use of them. It was Martyn who put me onto Freecycle, so a big thank you to him. There's an International Freecycle Network, so if you have stuff to give away, why not check them out to see if there's a scheme near you?

Meanwhile, I got a Flash Drive for my computer.CDs aren't big enough to hold all my back-up information easily (mostly finds reports and photos ...) so I've invested in a 1GB Buffalo Flash Drive. Frankly, I'd call it a Data Stick, but what the hey. It's tiny, around 6cm long and 1.5cm across, and plugs into the USB hub. After last time's uncertainty about compatibility, I checked carefully that it could take USB 1.1 and Windoze ME. Worked a treat. I'm back in love with my old computer war horse. Transferring info is now a doddle - none of this time consuming CD 'burning.' Yaroo :-)


At 12:25 pm BST, Blogger Martyn said...

Freecycle really does work :-)

At 11:10 pm BST, Blogger David said...

Freecycle rocks.

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