Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's all change

Lots going on in the street at the moment. The occupiers of the next but one house are moving out. They've only been in a couple of years, but basically did up the house and then sold it on. Previously it was owned by one Mrs Seddon, who I suspect may well have moved in at the same time as our now recently deceased neighbour Alf. That would have been in 1938, btw.

So, there'll be new people just down the way - good luck to them. They can now sample the dubious delights of the vehicle recovery business (hereinafter referred to as Cr*p Cars) resident on the street, who have a vehicle recovery truck going up and down at all hours. The latest car deposit took place at 3am in the morning, outside Alf's house. I know it was 3am because the accompanying chatter finally woke me up. Great ... That said, a polite request to move one of one of the Cr*p Cars from outside our house actually brought results. He might have been going to move it anyway, but at least Batman was able to park the site rented van outside the house for the weekend.

We need to keep a close eye on the van because it's full of digging equipment. Even Batman refuses to unload it all every night. He said it'd be like unloading a van full of re-enactment gear - nuff said. Instead, the really valuable stuff comes out, such as the theodolite, the site records and artefacts. The shovels, wheelbarrows, etc, are relatively easy to replace, so they can stay there.

I rather suspect Alf's house (as I still call it) will be subject to a major refit when it is finally sold. However, despite a couple of people appearing in the garden, obviously looking it over, nothing seems to be happening. There never has been a 'For Sale' sign outside it, so I thought it might be auctioned. But no movement so far.

Meanwhile, up the street, what I think of as Martyn's house (as he brought it to my attention) has been sold, and the For Sale sign has gone. So I presume it's changed hands. Since it's further up the street, I don't think they'll be affected by Cr*p Cars. Lucky beggars :-)


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