Saturday, October 14, 2006


As I thought, I didn't get any interviews for the library jobs I applied for. I really don't fit in. So my latest wacky idea is to look for possible finds jobs in the archaeology field. Well, I suspect I'm doomed to failure there as well, since my age and/or specialist profile is against it, as well as the fact I'm looking for something local. There just aren't many advertised finds jobs. There are broadly two types of finds work in archaeology. On-site/Finds Management posts, and specialist jobs (often freelance). Been there, done that, still got the t-shirt in the case of the latter. Been there, done that, but lost the t-shirt (or perhaps don't fit in the t-shirt) for the former.

I always loved working on finds excavations, or occasionally I was inside, just managing the finds for access and the such. It didn't really matter to me, I just liked doing it. It was why I did a library degree rather than archaeology - I love putting things in order, enjoyed cataloguing and the like. Anyway, a job has come up, but it's in Cumbria, outside daily commuting territory :-( Then again, it's only temporary for three months. And it is only three months too, I checked with them. At least it's in the right half of England, rather than down south. So I've applied, though I left it till the last moment. If the post was slow, it will have missed the deadline, actually. Plus, I botched the form slightly too. Ah well.

btw, the Roman bow brooch illustrated above has probably been photographed the wrong way up. The brooches would have been used in pairs, probably to hold up a peplos or tube dress. The loop at the 'top' of the brooch would have had a chain running through it, and the chain would have been suspended between the two brooches. It probably dates to the 1st or 2nd century. The effects of bronze disease can be seen on some of the edges of the brooch.


At 3:54 pm BST, Blogger Duncan__ said...

Fingers crossed for the job, Alex.
I know the feeling, by the way. Wrong side of 40, with a degree specialisation that everyone thinks is fascinating until it comes to applying for a job ...
I've gone into teaching as the only avenue left open. But I'm secretly waiting for that Roman military museum curator post that, by some miracle, no-one else applies for ..!

At 4:14 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Thank you Duncan. In a way, I'm not actually being allowed to escape from this specialism, but I do really love doing it anyway. It's just the job prospects are so dismal, I need to look elsewhere. Like you, I could go into teaching (I could do any number of extra mural classes) but it's not my thing and I reckon I'm not particularly good at it anyway. btw, I hope that Roman Military Museum job comes up for you :-)

At 5:37 pm BST, Blogger Olga said...

Alex, hugs on no interviews, and best of luck in job hunting. I hope something that you like - and available - will come along. As for teaching, I did for some time. Not my cup of tea either.

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