Monday, October 02, 2006

(cough, cough)

Still coughing. Still a bit knocked out, but generally getting my body back from the bug. Will venture out to Tescos on the Free Bus tomorrow and see how I go. I should be OK for the Small Museum on Thursday (I hope).

Managed to look at the yuck stuff, but couldn't tell if it was Roman or not. There was one fragment of stuff in it which looked a bit post medieval to me, but overall I just couldn't say. And that's why it was 'yuck' - it was probably never going to give its dating secret away ... Darn. Anyway, I didn't charge the friendly archaeology unit for casting my blurry eyes over it, even though I wrote a couple of sentences for them to cut and paste into their report if they wanted to.

Meanwhile, York is going great guns in the comedy Roman stakes. It made the national news, this did. Two Romans (and an unfortunate daughter) got into a tussle over the Roman Baths Museum and some of its equipment. Actually the whole event was rather unpleasant but the outcome was not surprising. Virtually every afternoon that I work in the Small Museum, we get visited by one or two of the very nice chaps (including the present proprietor) working or volunteering at the Roman Baths. It's a pleasure to see them, and they cause a bit of a stir for our visitors and passers-by. I just say the legionaries are ghosts ... But in fact they're just coming to see the Leather Guru about getting new sandals, extra hobnails fitted, or general leather repairs :-)


At 5:02 pm BST, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Adds Small Museum to list of things to see in York.

That daughter may have been brave, but she should have taken some lessons in man-to-man combat to avoid ripped muscles. :)

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