Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Maximus Pastius ...

Flippin' 'eck, I've missed him again. Russell Crowe was sighted in York again yesterday:

STAFF at a York food shop Russell-ed up a treat for a visiting Hollywood film star when he stopped off in the city centre.

Eagle-eyed Press reader Ruth McMonagle, 25, snapped a picture of Gladiator actor Russell Crowe in the Cornish Pasty Bakery in Colliergate, off King's Square.

The family of Crowe's wife, Danielle, comes from Nether Poppleton, and he is a frequent visitor to the area and has been spotted in the city in the past.

Abandoning his gladiatorial attire in favour of a casual tracksuit, Crowe, who also starred in A Beautiful Mind and LA Confidential, took time out to enjoy some meaty fare in the heart of the city.

Sharon Grima, branch manager at the bakery, confirmed Crowe had visited the shop as part of a group on Monday afternoon.

She said: "He was here at about 12.30pm and then sat out in the square for about an hour, so he must have really enjoyed it. I was surprised to see him come in. He's just like everyone else, but you recognise his face.

"He had about three guys with him and was really polite and then they went."

And what does an international film icon eat?

Ms Grima said: "They got traditional Cornish pasties then water and coffee - most people from out of town get that."

She said it was not her first brush with fame while working for the Cornish Pasty Bakery. She said that when she was based at the firm's Coney Street branch, TV duo Ant and Dec visited - but while her colleagues were all abuzz, Australian Sharon didn't know who they were.

Ms Grima said a couple of people had gone up to Crowe to chat to him, but most people had left him in peace.

Ms McMonagle, of Bishophill, said: "Me and my friend, Victoria Stone, were quite surprised to see an A-list celebrity in York. He was with about six men - probably his entourage."

Last November, The Press exclusively reported that Crowe had been spotted in Bettys Tea Rooms with Danielle and her aunt and uncle, Anne and Peter Horsfall, before later heading to the Blue Bicycle in Fossgate for a meal.

Anne said the Crowes had stopped in to visit Danielle's grandparents briefly on Sunday, while on a promotional trip in London.

Source: The Press, 4th October 2006

I'm just no good at spotting the stars.


At 5:02 pm BST, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Lol, I doubt I'd recognise any of them except maybe Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen.

At 8:33 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Sean Bean might catch my eye, but not Mortensen ;-)

At 4:29 am BST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I worked in New York years ago, the people in my office had a celebrity-spotting contest to see who could see the most celebrities in a month. I never did all that well, I'm afraid, and when I did spot people it was never the hunky ones.

At 3:00 am BST, Blogger Olga said...

It'd be great to stop a celebrity or especially to meet in person! But with my eyesight, I also doubt I'd recognize them!

At 9:58 pm GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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