Monday, January 01, 2007

Favourite things 2006

Olga has listed her favourite things of 2006, which is a good, upbeat, way of looking at things. I could have a long list of what I didn't like, on both a personal and more outward view (I think it's been a particularly bad year), but I'm not going there.

My favourite things of 2006
1) Living with Batman. I've been with him for 27 years, so I guess another one wasn't too hard to bear ;-)

2) Discovering YouTube. It's great seeing clips of old (and new) favourites, eg. John Curry skating for gold in the 1976 Olympics (it's a US clip, but the US comentators loved him), bonkers pop song Star Trekkin', Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Spilt Enz (banned in the UK in 1982 after the government thought it was a commentary on the Falkland Islands War; I now sort of associate with the Antarctic - South Georgia, New Zealand, etc. and with those over-packed boats Terra Nova and Endurance), clips of Strictly Come Dancing again, clips of Dr Who (such as my Dr Who moment of the year - The Cybermen trying (and failing) to strike an alliance with the Daleks) and so on.

3) Tracking down Mercedes Sosa's version of Misa Criolla

4) Meeting up with my friend whilst at the Festival of History; we'll have to meet up more often this year! Hope the weather will better ... At the same event, there was lots of fun winning sexiest soldier competition (mostly due, I think, to one of my group skipping along with his shield and armour - just for once it wasn't me mucking about!)

5) Finding a place that does really nice gluten-free coffee & walnut cakes. Yum

What were your highlights, I wonder?


At 12:07 pm GMT, Blogger Martyn said...

Youtube is wonderful. I could waste my life going through old music vids on there.

I shall have a go at this MEME I reckon.

At 1:39 pm GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

I'm surprised at some of the stuff on YouTube. I thought of some of the things I really liked from years back, and had a go to see if it was there. And mostly it was ... Amazing

At 4:59 pm GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

My highlights - the tours to Kalkriese and Trier and the new camera. :)

Happy New Year.

At 1:05 pm GMT, Blogger Diane said...

Happy new year to you.

2006 wasn't a great year for me, as you know, so I suppose getting over it all, meeting Phil and finally selling the house were my highlights.

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