Monday, January 15, 2007

Undiscovered authors

If you've got a whole book sitting around unpublished, why not try entering Bookforce's Undiscovered Authors competition? I say a whole book, as the closing date's 31st January 2007. So get that synopsis written and send it all off ASAP (after checking the entry requirements carefully first, of course).

Well known author (at least in the Arthurian novel field) Helen Hollick is now with Bookforce's Discovered Authors, having taken her backlist to them for republishing. There's also a new novel by her, The Sea Witch, about pirates. She explained the reasons why she decided to go into Print on Demand in the recent Historical Novels Review (Issue 38,pp7-8). It says that there's a full version of the article on her website, but for the time-being I can't find it, despite looking. But the upshot is that her agent wanted her to write books which didn't appeal to her so she decided to go elsewhere with her Sea Witch manuscript. I like the new covers to her Arthur books. Some of the ones to the small paperback re-issues under Arrow were rather icky and/or indistinct, including the one that I think has been called The Purple Puke. The best cover was the one to The Kingmaking, which was on the trade paperback by Heinemann, and which I own :-) There's an HNS interview with Hollick from several years back here.

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