Saturday, May 21, 2005

Goals, motivation, and conflict

Thank you to Tess for telling me what GMCs are; goals, motivation and conflict. I'm happy to say that the lead in LOTR (5th century story) has all those, without me really trying. Hurrah! Now just got to make time to actually write the story.

Just come back from my archaeology talk. It went well, people were really interested, and I had to extract myself to let the next speaker on! But I'm still recovering from a cold which started on Thursday. All I want to do now is have a long snooze, in between all the coughing and sniffing I'm doing.

Next writing thing on the writing horizon is revision of the 3 pages & synopsis for the Winchester Writing Conference. Hope I feel well enough to have a good go at it; think the synopsis in particular needs some tweaking. Will need to post that off mid-week, as the deadline's next Friday.

Then it's York Writers on Wednesday to find out the results of the 5000 words and synopsis competition. If I get any feedback, I know what it'll probably be about: too rushed (well, I like pace- ahem!), possibly some of other characters haven't been drawn too well, ... and I might be damned with faint praise 'you write well' Eh? What on earth does that mean? - probably that the judge was being kind (bless 'em). Shouldn't be second guessing, but I will chance the opinion that I won't win, and nor will I be placed at all. Come back on Thursday and see if I'm right or not :-)

The competition is general, so that my historical will be up against (as far as I can tell) a very literary piece, and possibly some chick-lit or aga-saga. There may also be some 'period' pieces or memoir type writing as well. All very different. Intriguing to see the outcome and the judges' reasoning for choosing the winner.


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