Friday, May 20, 2005

What are GMCs?

Thanks to Olga for her comments. But what are GMCs?!

I don't write down what the characters' appearances are as part of planning, though I do collect photos of actors with useful faces - on my clipboard for the 6th century story were Orlando Bloom as Legolas (major baddie in SoD!), Tobey Maguire in Ride with the Devil, Jurgen Prochnow in Das Boot & Dune, Anthony Higgins in Draughtsman's Contract (and anything!), Ralph Fiennes as Lawrence of Arabia (very early performance by him), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Ride with the Devil

Sometimes it was more to remind me of their performances, rather than their looks. Fiennes in particular had a very other-worldly, self-regarding manner which I found fascinating. Higgins always has an isolated/self-contained air about him, which has 'made the cut' into the 5th century story; perfect for the lead character. Prochnow is the very vision of a Germanic warrior (those cheekbones, that beard!) and since there were Germanics all over the show in SoD, his face and performance were perfect to recall for writing that story.

Occupations are often rather straight forward in the 5th century - the lead's 'occupation' is: War Duke! Many of the other chracters are kings, warriors or petty princes; the same goes for the 6th century story.


At 3:20 pm BST, Blogger Tess said...

Alex - GMC stands for Goal, Motivation and Conflict - the basic things that drive your character. Debra Dixon wrote a book about GMC - it's applicable to all genres and has become an essential book on my writers' shelves.


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