Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Words wot do not exist, sonny Jim

Grrr! Another post today, because I found one of my classic mistakes in my competition entry: words wot do not exist, sonny Jim.

In SoD it was fiercesome. I was convinced I was right, even though the spellchecker picked up on it and it didn't appear in the dictionary. Doh! Mind you, several people critted that part of SoD, but only one person picked out fiercesome as being wrong. The rest were too busy querying whether certain words were used then! Umm, since I would have had to write in Latin for it to be entirely correct, I think they were missing the point. But I digress.

Anyway, with LoTR it's been haled. However, the spellchecker did not pick it up. Somehow, on my careful line edit, I picked it out as being dodgy and checked the dictionary. It should have been hailed so has been changed for the Winchester Competition entry, but went to York Writers as haled. I shan't be going to the meeting tomorrow; it's not worth it, and besides I'll be embarassed when they pick up on that rather fundamental mistake.

Methinks there's a long way to go with this writing lark!


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