Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Asti and Moniack

I decided to check out exactly where Asti Spumante comes from in Italy. Surprise, surprise, it's northern Italian. As the dear partner said, it's from my spiritual home :-) Unfortunately, a whole bottle didn't get me drunk. Mind you, that 'whole' bottle was actually one of those small two-glass bottles ... It didn't even get me slightly wobbly. I must try harder.

Haven't hit the Moniack Mead yet. I tend to hoard this, and get it out on special occasions. It's the best mead I've ever tasted. It tastes of honey, but isn't over-sweet. It has a real kick as well. It's how I imagined ancient mead would taste, though I'm sure wrong. Also in the cupboard is some Domesday Mead, on sale at Kelmarsh, and is made at the Lurgashall Winery for English Heritage. I've had it before. Again, it's not the sweetest, but still tastes of honey. It's OK, though not as good as the Moniack!

Am still deciding whether or not to go to this weekend's show. Providing no further hostilities occur before Friday, we may yet still go. The van-hire now requires us to pay up front, so we'll have a van no matter what. But do I want to spend a whole weekend with possible confrontation in the offing?

This blog is getting to sound like a bleedin' soap opera! Come to think of it, one of the comments in the York Writers competition was that my LOTR sounded like EastEnders or Emmerdale. That's why I was so surprised when my entry won. Er, no, there's no plane crash in LOTR, though there's room for me to do a sort of Queen Vic tavern.


At 2:04 am BST, Blogger Olga said...

Alex, the comments on your entry above got crowded, so I'll post on this one. Sorry you're dehydrated after the re-enactment, but I hope the event went well!

At 12:19 pm BST, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

I've removed the spam comments, and put word verificaiton on now!

At 12:59 pm GMT, Blogger SereniusZeitblom said...

Sorry for this little words but the post about Asti spumante seems to be a thin manifestation of racism in front of the rest of Italy: Asti is Known for Spumante, Palermo for the Mafia...
This is terribly uncorrect because since 1945 in Sicily you'll never find black women suffering near to a coffin o little men shooting to everything moving (as the rest of the world thinks..).
Mafia exists, yes, it's a cancer, but millions of people living in Palermo work honestly each day, althoug millions of people of northern italy treat us as animals: Pirandello, Archimedes, Sciascia, Battiato, Guttuso, Where do the come from?
Try to undestand me, I don't wanna be offensive, I only loved to clear off the world of the worst prejudices.
Thank you for reading this message
(try this wine: Nero D'Avola)

At 4:29 pm GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

I don't understand your comment Serenius. All I said was that I liked Asti Spumante and that is was from northern Italy. I recently discovered that some of my ancestors (the Bordessas) are from Como, Italy, and strangely I like Asti. And I'm afraid that was *all* I was saying.

At 1:20 pm GMT, Blogger SereniusZeitblom said...

Sorry..I wrote that comment after a bad voyage through the net where I found lots of stuff offensive towards italy, expecially the center and the south.
Probably, when I read your post I undrstood something different (a strange process of abstraction made out by my occipital lobe..) and -furiously- I started writing: now, reading once again your post, I realized about my mistake.
Sorry again and forgive my bad english.

At 3:38 pm GMT, Blogger Alex Bordessa said...

Serenius, I was worried that I had somehow been offensive, and I'm glad to hear I wasn't.

It's a shame you've seen lots of rude stuff about Italy :-( But generally, certainly in the UK, there's not particularly bad stuff said. I'm thrilled to have Italian ancestors, whereever they might be from in that country.

btw, your English is somewhat better than my Italian ... :-)


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