Sunday, December 18, 2005


Yes, the lurgy is still with me, and has now been passed to the dp! Yes, I know, I'm so kind. I share everything :-) It's low-level with him too - the odd sneeze, sniffing, and rather a lot of lassitude (no that's not to do with Lassie). So the pair of us are rather doddery and apt to slouch on the couch watching tv (trying not to fall asleep) at every given opportunity.

But, we are managing to put the Christmas decos up, albeit slowly. Progress in writing my lectures for January is rather snail-like. It requires a lot of concentration, and I'm only fit for short periods of brain-flexing at present. I'll get there though. I've heavily planned two lectures already, with four to go.

Worst is getting the slides together. Worst because this is where you realise you don't have a slide of that crucial find, so you have to screech round to its location ASAP to take a snap, and get the slides done. I don't really screech anywhere at the moment (another hospital appointment on Tuesday, btw). Still, I've started early enough to more or less ensure I've got time to faff around in time honoured fashion.


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