Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, by the sound of Gabriele's blog ...) my plotbunnies are few and far between! I do not get much of a choice, and am stuck with my stories (all two of them) once they're here. It's just as well I actually like them :-) I wasn't quite sure what Gabriele meant by plotbunnies until I saw her recent blog. It's a great description, and story ideas will be called plotbunnies from now on - except that I'll doubtless have trouble finding them ...

Gabriele makes the point that modern day people assume homoerotic tendencies in medieval stories when the warriors swear undying friendship or loyalty to one another. There's a lot of swearing loyalty unto death in my first story; it's part of the plot. The chaps involved are not sexually involved. However, there is some ambiguity going on, which is deliberate and I suspect I shouldn't be doing that to the (potential) readers! I like books where I'm tripped up by assumptions or somehow mis-directed, so it stands to reason I might have a go at writing one!

Well, one day, when I get back to writing some fiction. Which will be 2007 at the earliest. Hrumph!


At 10:59 pm GMT, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

I'm leaving the ambiguity in. After all, it's half as emotional as some passages in the Song of Roland and other French epics. Even the Icelandic sagas which present much more controlled emotions, have the motive of strong friendship. I want to present a genuine image of the time, so the friendship between Roderic and Kjartan stays, with the oath and the occasional non-sexual touches. :-)


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