Monday, December 26, 2005

A nice brisk walk

Hope the Christmas season is to everyone's liking! I've had a quiet one at home. I know others will be having relatives to stay, or perhaps travelling to see relatives.

It was great to get out for a 'brisk' (for me) walk today. Only it rained! It's a little nippy, and snow is predicted, certainly for down south.

I'll be going out again on Wednesday as I've an appointment with the Orthotics chap. Last week's shoe insert seemed to be good for the front of my foot (as far as I could tell), but hell-on-earth for the old arch (I had to limp in the end). So I got another appointment and hopefully he'll adjust it so that it supports the front, whilst not crippling me as whole!

Funny though, exactly this time last year, I was also gracing the hospital with my presence on behalf of my foot - that time I was having physiotherapy. Hey-ho, I wonder if this time next year I'll still be dancing attendance on the foot, with the poor old health professionals still scratching their heads? I do hope not ... Watching Darcey Bussell dancing in the Royal Ballet's Sylvia yesterday, I was so jealous - she has killer feet and they also functioned properly (ahem!)


At 7:16 am GMT, Blogger Anne said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Alex.

Here's hoping 2006 keeps you safe, happy and healthy.

Take care.

At 7:40 pm GMT, Blogger Carla said...

Best wishes for the New Year when it comes. The snow duly arrived down south in East Anglia (cue many warnings about Not Travelling Unless Absolutely Necessary), thawed into slush in yesterday's sunshine and then froze into ridged ice. So my walk today was far from brisk :-) Good luck with the orthotics appointment.


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